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Director of Worship Arts

Current Silicon Valley is a six-year-old growing church startup of over 400 people. Our mission is to bring people into the faith via gospel-centered community and to activate followers of Jesus to live for God’s kingdom first. Current meets blocks from Google Headquarters, and just a few miles from Apple, Facebook, and literally thousands of startups. People and leaders from across the globe are coming to the Silicon Valley for worldly opportunities, and as they do, we have the opportunity to reach them for Christ. Within a 10-mile radius, less than 6% of the population attends a gospel-believing church. On Sundays, we regularly have a considerable number of people who don’t identify as Christian. And by God’s grace, we’ve seen many (including those first described to us as “anti-church”) put their faith in Jesus! We are prayerfully looking for a worship leader to join our team and help us increase this impact.


The Director of Worship Arts is a full-time staff leadership position. Salary to be determined by experience and expertise, via discussion during the interview process. The role includes 25 hours of worship-related Sunday responsibilities, with additional 15+ hours of responsibility to be defined based on candidate’s background and skill set. If candidate prefers a part-time worship-only position at 25 hours, that is also a possibility.

This position is tasked with leading a life-giving, high-quality, Spirit-led culture of praise at Current that reflects our beliefs & values (authentic, accessible, generous, missional, expectant). With a visible and contagious love for the Lord, the Director of Worship Arts must have excellent relational and organizational strengths, musical training and experience. The person in this position needs to have a firm grasp of the beliefs, culture, and strategy of Current Silicon Valley Church and the ability to align leadership teams and volunteers with its mission and vision. They should align closely with Current’s philosophy of worship.


  • Ensures Sunday worship gatherings reflect the theological and missional values of Current, planning worship always with the unbeliever and skeptic in mind. Seeks to reflect and speak to the excellence-oriented sensibilities of Silicon Valley culture. 

  • Primary worship leader. Ensures high-quality worship leader and team is in place when not leading or away. (See Employee Manual for time off provisions based on tenure).

  • Works with the Lead Pastor to plan Sunday worship experiences, coordinating flow & details through weekly conversations.

  • Recruits, develops, and oversees band volunteers, seeking for them to grow in their contribution to the band as well as in their walk with Jesus. Intentionally cares for and disciples team members.

  • Plans and executes special worship or prayer nights, working with Exec Dir in context of church calendar

  • Serves on planning team for special events, overseeing worship arts components for holidays and outreaches as appropriate. e.g. Christmas, Easter, block parties, and Church-Birthday celebrations.

  • Oversees all audio & band-related logistics, including setup & teardown, equipment management, etc. Builds a volunteer team that is excited to serve the mission. Responsible for healthy, constructive relationship with Skyline EP, ensuring audio engineers are equipped for live Sundays and events.

  • Ensures all worship-related administration via Current’s systems (e.g. Planning Center, ProPresenter) is taken care of to deliver a smooth Sunday worship experience. Including but not limited to: song library, slides delivery, volunteer scheduling, etc.

  • Works well cross-functionally with other teams at Current, supporting the mission and vision of the church. Builds intentional relationships in the church.

  • Plans and executes Kids Choir performance at least 2x/yr, in partnership with Dir of Children’s Ministry

  • Manages annual Worship/Arts budget and provides expenses in a timely manner


OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES (15+ Hours): to be determined by candidate’s background and skill set


GENERAL MINISTERIAL DUTIES (Director-level staff) include:

  • Cultivating your personal relationship with Christ 

  • Praying for others 

  • Leading others to acts of service & use of gifts as worship 

  • Sharing the Gospel message with clarity 


  • A life-long learner with teachable spirit. A student of culture who loves to share the gospel through music.

  • Ability to lead worship with a strong voice or have proven experience in successfully coaching amateur vocalists to lead. Experienced in playing a main instrument, preferably more than one. 

  • Creative and visionary with technology — video, lighting, staging, audio, etc.

  • Proven ability to recruit/identify, train, empower, evaluate, and celebrate worship leaders and worship teams, while aligning those leaders/teams toward Current’s vision.

  • The ability to connect with people of all faith traditions, political persuasions, socio-economic situations, races, orientations, and backgrounds. Effectively develops personal relationships, with spiritual maturity to disciple team members.

  • The flexibility that ministry requires

  • Skilled at creating & revising music charts, arranging parts, developing vocalists / instrumentalists

  • Experience with Planning Center Online Services and ProPresenter preferred

COMMITMENTS: As Current staff members we strive to…

  • Maintain a personal, growing relationship with Jesus & understanding of our personal need for the gospel

  • Live out our faith & Current’s values to be authentic, accessible, expectant, missional, and generous

  • Lead in accordance with our doctrinal statement

  • Be immersed in the Current community relationally

  • Take initiative & ownership of the mission to move people in the Silicon Valley toward Christ

  • Be a trustworthy steward of both resources and confidential information



  • Full-Time, including 25 hours of worship & Sunday responsibilities, with additional 15 hours of responsibility to be determined by candidate’s skill set

  • If desired, part-time worship-only position is also a possibility

  • Salary to be determined based on expertise and experience

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