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[Pastor David Collister – Luke 8:26-39]
We continue in our Encounters With Jesus to a teaching about the reality of evil in society and in our everyday lives. Sobering to consider, but also freeing in ways we may not expect.

[Pastor David Collister – Luke 8:22-25]
Does it feel to you like our society is in a storm at times? Maybe you are facing a personal storm right now. We arrive in the book of Luke to Jesus calming the storm, a faith-building reminder for us as we continue to look for a light at the end of this pandemic tunnel.

[Pastor David Collister – Luke 8:1-15]
We turn to a teaching by Jesus that reads a whole lot like a self-assessment tool for our spiritual state! Join us as we continue this new year with a look at how we can each take a next step in our spiritual life this year.

[Guest Speaker Nick Parsons – Psalm 46]
We’ll kick off the new year with a message on change from Nick Parsons, Managing Director at Stratum Foundation.

[Pastor David Collister – Luke 2:13-20]
We wrap up 2022 and our Tis the Season series with a special Christmas message from Pastor David on sharing the story of Christ.

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