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[Pastor David Collister – Luke 6:17-26]
Many of us are coming through the pandemic asking: Is there more to life than this? Jesus would answer with a resounding yes, although the hope and meaning often come in places we are not looking. The kingdom of God can often appear counterintuitive at first. Join us as we continue our CrossCurrent Living series this weekend. Studying one of Jesus’ most well-known public teachings.

[Pastor David Collister – Luke 6:12-16]
We start a new message series, CrossCurrent Living. The way of Jesus often disrupted the status quo in surprising ways. So many of us are wired to seek success and to be the hero, but our greater eternal impact may actually be in becoming a hero maker. Let’s look into Jesus’ teachings on this together.

[Pastor David Collister – John 13:34-35]
This Sunday, we are wrapping up The Future Is Bright vision series with key verses that have embodied our vision as a church community since the very beginning. 

[Pastor David Collister – Mark 8:27-38]
We continue in “The Future Is Bright” series with a passage deeply foundational to who we are as a church – it’s the reason we say every week “you’re welcome wherever you are on your spiritual journey.”

[Pastor David Collister – Jeremiah 29:1-11]
We kickoff “The Future Is Bright” series as we prepare to celebrate five years as a church community. We’ll take a fresh look at passages that have been foundational to the vision of Current. First up: Jeremiah 29 and why we’re “Here. For Good.”

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